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Enrichment Daycare

    After working in a couple of different types and styles of doggy daycares, I still wasn't happy with the result, and neither were the dogs really. Typical doggy daycares are very similar to a teenage party without parents. Dogs are thrown into sometimes pretty large groups and forced to interact all day long. Typically these play groups include many ill-mannered and disrespectful dogs with zero formal training. This then means the people supervising the play groups then have no control of dogs or things going on within the groups..; this ultimately results in a very unsafe environment. For some really exuberant and careless dogs, this works out OK for a short time..but for most dogs, it is not ok. When most dogs mature into adulthood, it is completely normal for them to "age out." Most mature adult dogs don't enjoy playing or even socializing with a bunch of other dogs, on top of then adding in the stressor of being in a large and uncontrollable group. all day long.

This is when and why I decided to create a new form of doggy daycare to fit the majority of dogs.

So..what is Enrichment Daycare?

    Enrichment Daycare is a daycare designed to specifically fit your dog's wants and needs. There will be a socialization aspect, an "enrichment" aspect, and scheduled quality rest times. My goal is to be able to send your dog home at the end of the day more happy and balanced and appropriately tired.

The Benefits of Enrichment Daycare

  • Customized plan fit to your dog's specific wants and needs via physical, social, and mental activities (Taking into account their breed characteristics and individual interests)

  • Smaller play groups (1-5 dogs) hand picked on who your dog enjoys socializing with the most. Please note, not every dog will qualify for off leash free play, but may be eligible for pack walks which will still satisfy the social need.

  • Scheduled quality rest time in between activities 

  • Mental stimulation works on your dog's self control and builds confidence 

  • Rotation of activities providing variety daily, weekly, and monthly

Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm Tuesdays & Fridays

Drop off is between 7:00am-9:00am

Pick up between 4:00pm-6:00pm

Daycare Pricing:

1 full day (5 hours+)- $35

5 full day package- $155 ($20 in savings)

Add on: Day Training

While your dog is in daycare..have the option of adding day training to their day. 

Day Training will be offered for:

  • Refreshing obedience 

  • continuation of e-collar work

  • proofing obedience

  • counter conditioning grooming/nails

  • Refreshing leash manners

Add on training pricing:

(Pricing not including daycare pricing)


1, 20 min session- $21

2, 20 min sessions- $42

3, 20 min sessions, $63

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