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Private Lessons

    Private Lessons are great for owners looking to train with their dogs from the get go. This is a one on one lesson with a professional, tailored to you and your dog. We are able to go at your own pace and can cover specific behaviors you are most interested in working on. Private lessons are beneficial for issues mainly seen in the home and/or when the dog tends to not listen to one or more, of their owners. These lessons are about an hour long.


  • You become your dog's trainer 

  • Lessons can be in home or in public settings​ when you and your dog are ready

  • Focuses more on the relationship you have with your dog 


New clients will get 5 lessons/$450, approx. 60 minutes per lesson


Great for owners looking to work on basic obedience/manners/minor behavioral issues. Off Leash training can be covered in private lessons as well, with the appropriate tools.

Maintenance Lesson: $90, approx. 60 mins

For our clients who completed at least 1 full package of lessons, or completed a board & train program; looking for some help touching up or maintaining already learned commands/behaviors.

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Board & Train

    The fastest and most reliable program. Board and Trains are a great option for any dog, especially those that may have more severe issues such as reactivity and aggression. Dog's get multiple training sessions a day by a professional, both at trainer's home and out in public settings. This is also a great option for owners who worry about having time and resources.


  • Quicker results. Your dog gets hands on training multiple times a day from a professional.

  • Less stressful for you. We do the important and main part of the early stages of training that you may not have the time for.

  • Staying at a new location enables essentially a "reset button" for bad/old habits 

  • I am able to get to know your dog on more of a personal level and be able to help them in ways I wouldn't be able to in private lessons

Programs: 2-4 weeks, $1,850-$3400

Most popular program for owners wanting their dogs to learn basic obedience, manners, minor behavioral problems, and off leash training. Equipment recommended by trainer is included in this package. 

Contact us for more info

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I offer exclusive boarding to my past and present training clients! Your dog will have the ultimate doggy get away, while you are on yours! They will be able to keep their training intact, go on walks/hikes, play around with some dog agility equipment or maybe even play some nose games..all while staying with an experienced dog professional.

*Those who are not clients with me, please visit my              page to fill out an application if you are interested.

Boarding- $45 per night

                    $60 for 2 dogs per night

*Scheduled times for pick up/drop off*

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