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Before you proceed..

  • Read through my website.                  View my " About " , " Services " and " FAQ" page

  • If you've looked through my website, proceed to creating a customer portal and scheduling your in home consultation via the link below 


How Scheduling A New Client Consultation Works:


I do Consultations every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00am and 2:00pm 

Evaluations are $75 and are 1 Hour long.

- If those days/times do not work, please email me (  and we can look at other times-


  • Schedule your evaluation by clicking this link or the button above:

  • Click "Sign up"

  • Fill out your information and your dogs information 

  • When this is completed, it will bring you to your client portal!

  • Click: "Book" 

  • Click: "Your pet" 

  • Click: "Start booking" 

  • Under "Booking Category" you will Click: "Consultations & Private Lessons"

  • Book your Evaluation on a date and time that works for you!

  • Your appointment will be approved.



During your consultation you and your family will: Meet me (Shauna, professional trainer) at your home, I (Shauna) will meet and evaluate your dog, we will go over your dogs history, talk about your lifestyle, discuss training programs that will work best for YOUR dog, answer any questions you may have, get signed up & hold your training reservation. 

PLEASE read our client service agreement carefully before signing it!

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